Term Life Insurance – Low Cost – Call For Your Quote!

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Boland and welcome to my insurance website. Today’s insurance topic is life insurance, specifically Term Life Insurance.

If you’re a young couple. You just got married. You bought your first home. Your first child is on the way. Congratulations!.

But remember it’s also very important for you to get financial protection for each other. That’s because if an accidental death occurred to your partner, you want to make sure you leave enough money behind so that your partner can keep the home and raise the children.

The least expensive type of life insurance today, Term Life Insurance. With Term Life you can buy a lot of coverage for a little bit of money. And when you’re younger, it’s a lot less expensive to purchase. That’s why I always recommend to my clients that they get life insurance as soon as they get married. When you purchase Term Life Insurance you can typically get a locked-in rate for 10, 20 or 30 years and I’m very glad to say that Farmer’s Insurance has some of the lowest term life insurance rates in California.

For example. if you’re a 30 year old male and you want to get a half a million dollar policy, Farmer’s Insurance can offer that to you for only $19 a month. That is a fantastic rate. Now keep in mind, if you do have high blood pressure or high cholesterol you will have to pay more but normally we can still get you a policy.

In summary, if you are married, you have that first house or that first child on the way give my team and I call and we can put together an inexpensive term life policy so you have good strong financial protection in place.

Life insurance is one of the fundamentals of financial planning and you know I’ve been a Farmer’s agent here in Novato, California for 22 years and I’ve seen the benefit of a good financial plan in place with life insurance. Sadly I’ve also seen what can happen on the opposite end as well, so keep in mind too that there are other types of life insurance such as Whole Life or Universal Life and you can click on those links and visit my Farmers Insurance website to learn about these types of life insurance as well.

Thanks everybody for listening today, I want to keep it short and I sincerely hope that my Term Life Insurance advice to you today helps you down the road. Please also see this blog post video on qualifying for discounts on your insurance.