Fire Season Started June 1st – Are You Ready?

I am concerned about Fire Season this year because we had so little rain. 

After insuring homes, rental properties and businesses for over 20 years,  I am both proud and grateful that after the terrible fires of 2017 and 2018, none of my clients were under-insured, as so many others were. The reason that my clients have proper insurance is simple:   I always recommend higher than average limits. 

So many paid celebrities these days are pushing price over coverage, even one of my favorite actors Dennis Quaid does this!   Celebrities know “nothing” about what they are saying, and what they are saying is dangerous.  I will never forget one day a new client couple came into my office after the Tubbs fire of 2017.  They lost their entire home and were under-insured in their dream home by over $300,000. They had a good Agent who retired but never met with their new one in 10 years for an insurance review.   Don’t let this happen to you!  It’s smart to get an insurance checkup about once every 3-4 years, or before you make major upgrades!

If you think you need an insurance checkup to make sure that your home, condo, or rental property is insured properly, call my team and schedule a review with me, James, or Audrey.   It’s smart to have us update your insurance before the Fire, Water loss, Theft, or Falling Tree accident happens!

Summer Safety Tips

It looks like we are in for a “hot summer”, so:

  1. Keep all paper products away from windows where the sun’s thermal energy intensifies and can ignite them. 
  2. Keep all oils, paints, and especially oily rags which can ignite spontaneously, in sealed steel containers.